Oct 16

What To Expect From A 3 Months Old Website – And A Tip!

dont-forgetIf you have started your online carrer on WA just like I did you probably got (at least) one website. I Always get a lot of questions from WA students on when the traffic (visitors) will start to find their site. This question (many times) comes to early, usually I get it from new members that have a website that is only 1 month old.

I tell them all pretty much the same:

Normally A New Site Get A BIG Increase In Traffic Around The 3 Month Mark… IF You have done Everything right.

With right I mean that you have been posting new content reguraly and used KEYWORDS the right way.

That´s pretty much it.

If you have done that you might even start to get a lot of organic traffic Before the 3 month mark.

When you get a lot of visitors then you will also most likely soon see:

Your First Sale!



This is such an Amazing feeling and I remember it with an awesome feelng every time I think back on it.

To be honest this took me about 4 months to accomplish. So that mean that I had worked on my website for 4 months wihout getting paid a single cent…

I Think that is pretty normal stats for someone who is a complete beginner (like I was) and also, of course, DO THE WORK needed.

2 months after that I made my first $2,000+ month.

I had a 9-5 job back then so I could only learn (and work on my website) for about 2 hours per day at the weekdays. On the weekends I did a lot more of course.

If you want to make regular sales from your website I am absolutely sure that you will IF you want it bad enough, have some patience (at least in the beginning) and stay CONSISENT(in the Learning and publishing).

Don´t Forget THIS When You Make Your First Sale! 

I didn´t think (or more correctly knew) about it..

But you don´t need to do the same misstake!

Build a LIST!

Start to build a LIST

“The Money is in the list” You have probably heard this statement in some situation by now (as an internet markter)? If not I promise you that you will hear it many times 🙂

money making tips online

There is an obvious reason for that, it is simply true.

Sure, it is not needed to have a list to make money, to be honest I didn´t have a list myself my first 7 months but I am absolutely sure that I would have made more if I did.

There are MANY benefits of creating your list of e-mails online and as soon as you get your first sale it is time to create one!

You got both free services for this and paid ones, I recommend a paid one as they let you collect as many names that you want and also (in my opinion) are a hell lot easier to use than the free ones. They aren´t even expensive and you will make the money back very fast when you start to use your list.

However, it might feel better to start with a free one anyway, if so here you got a popular  free one:


The most well know and used by most internet marketers around the World is a paid one that got a free trial (also the one I use):


Do It The Right Way – Learn From A Pro!

When you sart buildig your list you can send e-mails anytime you want to the people you get on your list.

This is very powerful… Especially IF you do it the way it should be done.

How it should be done?

Well, first of all you should give away a lot of free stuff to your subscribers, don´t worry it don´t have to cost you anything 🙂

Free stuff can be information that is helping them out 🙂

If you want to learn from a pro I STRONGLY recommend you to read this book:

Launch – By Jeff Walker

It will show you EVETYTHING about building lists and what you should write in your mails for maximum results. It is an awesome book that you don´t want to miss.

Books can change lives an this one has changed many lives.


Hope this post will be helpful for you future online businsses!

Thank you for reading!


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Oct 16

If You Want Change – You NEED To Challenge Yourself!

img_20161009_185239Are you happy where you are in life? Do you like your job? Your physique? Your relations? Do you feel that you are doing what you want in Life? Do you get what you want? Do you Think it is impossible to change things? Why do you Think that?


I used to Think like that to…


Most people aren´t happy with their jobs, I read some Place that about 80% of all people actually hate their own jobs. That is crazy, it is actually very sad. Especially when most continue to work with things they don´t like until they retire… If they don´t die before..

You know that you will die right? All of us will die someday and everyone you love will also die. Do you have family? Kids?

Are you gonna leave them with nothing when you die?

That has to be the bigest failure in anyones life…

What is more crazy though is that almost all those people (that hate their jobs) are drinking and taking drugs pretty much every weekend.

What are they celebrating??

Or are they doing it to forget that they have been working all week with somehing they hate doing maybe?

What do you think?

Please STOP Doing That! (If The Above Fits You)

Ok, maybe you have to keep working some job you don´t like to be able to eat. I absolutely understand that.


There is things you can do after work on your free time to improve your Life and even change job after a while IF you really want to. YES it is absolutely possible.

If you are in desperate need of making some extra Money or saving some extra Money I have writen 2 posts a while back ago thatI am sure you will find some kind of value in no matter your situation.

Here is the first one on how to make some extra money easy.

Here is the second one on how to save more money easy.

Whatever it is you take on and want to do you need to understand that nothing will come by itself. Nobody are gonna show up some day and hand you a great job, or anything else that´s great for that matter. Ok, it might happen on VERY rare occasions but please don´t wait for a miracle.

Create one instead!

Create Your Own Job!

Why not start your own business online? Do you know that you can work with ANY interest you might have online and create a full-time income om it? You can even make a whole lot more than a normal person woyuld call a full-time income online.

Do you know that it is far more easy (and light years cheaper) to start a business online than it is to start a traditional one? It is!

You don´t need any staff, no office or any of that. All you need is a computer and a internet Connection… but most importantly you need a will to change your situation and to do that you need to challenge yourself.

At least for a while. Because once your business is set up and starts to generate Money online it will be VERY EASY!


Are you ready to get started and challenge yourself to change your life? I would be more than happy to help you with that. You can get help from me and also getting started for no cost at all at the Place where I hang out most of my time online 🙂 Click the link below to read about that Place:

Click here! 

I wish you the best!


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Oct 16

What is GainBitcoin – A Scam Or A Very Good Opportunity For You?

Today we walk into the future, a future that is here. We will look at a site called GainBitcoin. What is GainBitcoin? A Scam or not? Something for you or not? Can you make a lot of money? These are some of the questions this review will focus on. This will be a very interesting review for you. Sounds good? Ok, here we go!gainbitcoin review

Product: GainBitcoin

Website: www.gainbitcoin.com

Owner: A team of different bitcoin mining experts

Price: Free to join

Who is it for: People looking to invest in bitcoin (mining)


Important to mention!

Before we go any further into this review I just want to say that this is a review on an investment opportunity and those are (in my opinion) never something that you should invest more money than you can afford to loose as you might never know what happens tomorrow.

If you want to learn how to create your own Money making machine online (in a safe and solid way) you can read about the absolute best program I know of for that here instead.

If you are looking for an investing opportunity then continue reading the review below.


What is GainBitcoin about?

Gainbitcoin is a company that was incorporated in Singapore in year 2013. Their registred Singapore address is: Variabletech PVT LTD, The Franklin, 3 Science Park Drive, Singapore – 118223

Their website is a place for anyone to start mining in (cryptocurrency) bitcoins.

Their thing is that they offer you an easy and safe way to buy hashpower without having to deal with any complex software setup (or any other hardware).

The company has an impressive number of bitcoin mining farms that are working day and night to make profit.

Have you ever seen a bitcoin mining facility? Me neither, until I saw the video below.

How does it work?

Gainbitcoin is a team of mining experts with great knowledge in the digital currency sector. They specializes in building the most effiective and reliable mining rigs that you can rent

There is no fees to start mining, everything such as pool costs, electricity and maintenance fees are included in the price.

You avoid all the usuall problems you can face when you buy mining equipment. There is no delays in delivery, breakage losses, need for sufficient power supply or coolong devices.

You simply select the kit you want to buy, choose amount and that´s it!

is gainbitcoin a scam


GainBitcoin A Better Alternative Than Other Simmilar sites?

Like I said above, it is mining made very simple for you.

Other than that GainBitcoin.com offers a bitcoin mining contract that is transparent and convenient.

Last but not least it is very cost effective!

So it feels like a very good chooice if you are into investing into crypto currencies. It might even be one of the best.

If you looking for other online investment opportunities where you can invest in both bitcoins but also “normal” currencies you might want to check out the Forex Paradise review.

Is Gainbitcoin A Scam?

So, is Gainbitcoin a scam? No it is simply a bitcoin mining website (and a registred company). It is legit.

is gainbitcoin legitIt is not some kind of scam Company that don´t exist, they provide you with all details on their website and are transparent about the whole thing. That is something that is very appreciated (at least in my opinion).

However, nothing is writen in stone though and you should never invest more money (into anything) than you can afford to loose.

Why You Should/Should Not Join GainBitcoin

If you ain´t got any money at all you might want to do something else maybe.

However, if you got some money that you feel like investing and try things out, then I would say go ahead!

I know I will 🙂

If you want to jump on this boat with me just click here and sign up!

Final Words and Verdict

Verdict: Legit

Overall rating: 8/10

To be honest I feel exited for this opportunity and I cannot hold back on my exitement. That is also why I give the rarely high 8/10 rating to be on this site (StartMakeStopWaste.Com).

If you are looking for an investment opportunity this might be a good alternative for you.

Wheter we want to or not, crypro currencies are here to stay, they will only be more and more common for each day.

Just like a creditcard was new and something “hard to understand” when they came, but now as common as a cell phone or anything else.

Bitcoins and other crypto currencies will be also.

You also got instruction videos on exactly how to start inside the members area where you can see all from how to invest into bitcoins to how to sell them:

what is gainbitcoin

Personally, I have avoided bitcoins (and any other crypto currencies) until now but it is time to start collecting a cryptocurrency capital (I got a feeling of), they might be very important in a very NEAR future.

Just don´t invest more than you can afford to loose and you have nothing to worry about.

Click here to join GainBitcoin now!

I hope you found this short Review of Gainbitcoin to be helpful and now you should have a better understanding on what it is and if it is something for you or not. If you are currently using it please share your exsperience with us in the comment section below, it can help others. Also, if you got any other questions I will be more than happy to answer them below.

I wish you success!


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Oct 16

Start Doing This and Stop Doing That!

How To Change Your Life – Only You Can Do It!

change lifeThey say that a person go through “a change” in their mindset every 7th year. That might be true, however what if you could change to the mindset you want faster than that?

I strongly believe that we can do that.

What does it takes then?


According to studies it takes 21 days to create a new habit. You simply start doing what you want to create everyday for 21 days and then after that it becomes second nature. Something that you have to force yourself to do at first becomes automatic after 21 days.

Whatever it is you want to create as a habit, wheter it is start working out, building your own business or learning to play an instrument. Whatever it is you want to do and be good at you NEED to create a habit doing it.

Have you tried it?

Make a Promise To Yourself

If you can´t trust yourself how is anybody going to trust YOU??

Think about it, if you can´t keep a promise to yourself then how can you keep a promise to anyone else?

Keep your own promises to yourself and keep them no matter what! This will make you a trustable person and your confidense in yourself will skyrock!

Start by writing down a “to do” list on what you need to do everyday, start with maybe 1 or 2 things on your list. After a while you can maybe put 3-5 things on your “to do” list.

Then you just knock them out one by one!

Have you tried it?

Believe in Yourself

Stop doubting yourself, stop waiting for things to happen and stop making exuces!

Start believe in yourself and start doing things for yourself without the help from anyone else and most important STOP making exuces.

You can do absolutely anything you want and you should!

So what do you want to do?

dollar make dollar waste

Do you want to start your own business?

Well, guess what. You are on the absolute right place for that as this blog is (to a big part) about helping people to create their own business online. Do you know that it is the absolute easiest way to do it online?

Did you know that you can create your own business around absolutely ANY area (or interest that you might have) you want?

Yes it is true!

It will take effort and time to do it though but if you change your habits, make a promise to yourself and start believing in yourself there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from success.

Not to mention that there is lightyears cheaper to start your own business online than a traditional brick and mortar.

You can actually get started for absolutely free. Click the link below to read more.

Click here to read how

I wish you the best and a lot of success!


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Sep 16

What is Coinomia – A Scam Or A Legit Website For You?

Today we take a closer look on the brand new coinomia.com site. What is Coinomia? A scam or a legit opportunity for you? Can you make a lot of money with it and will the website be around for a long time? These are some of the questions we will discouss. Ok, here we go!is coinomia a scam

Product: Coinomia

Website: www.coinomia.com

Owner: Michael Davies

Price: Free to join

Who is it for: People who want to make Money online in the form of crypto currencies

What is Coinomia about?

Coinomia is a brand new website that is in prelaunch mode until the 1 November – 2016. It is a crypto currency mining website where you can earn a passive income by investing in buying shares in the company.

It opened up for pre – launch on 9/27 – 2016 and it has gained a massive amount of members in only 48 hours (18,000 members) and is expected by many to be one big success.

How Does It Work?

coinomia reviewIt is about “cloud mining” and is a platform that allows you to mine bitcoins (and other crypto currencys) without having to download, own or maintain any hardware equipment.

Coinomia rents the most effective and stable mining rig and let´s their members (you) take advantage of it´s great results (According to the Coinomia website).

If you want to mine on your own Coinomia will also provide you with the necessary tools for that.

If you ain´t got any money to invest into the program you can also make money as a free member at Coinomia. You can do that by simply reqruiting others to the website, for that you will be rewarded in different ways.

Can You Make A Lot Of Money With Coinomia?

Yes, you absolutely can! As with all investment opportunities the bigger investment the better returns of course.

However, I DO NOT recommend that you invest more money than you can afford to lose into Coinomia (or any other investment opportunity) as you never know what will happen in the future.

Nothing is granted in this life and that goes for online investment opportunities as well. On the other hand you never know until you try and you might loose out on something very profitable if you don´t try.

You can see on their website an estimated calculation on returns on investments.

what is coinomia

Is Coinomia A Scam?

So, is Coinomia a scam or not? Well, for now I am not Calling it a scam it is a crypto currency mining platform that allows anyone to invest into crypto currency.

I have found some obvious warning flags though and you might want to look at the video further down Before you invest any Money into it…

The thing that is most important here is how long the platform will be around (hopefully for years), the massive amount of members joining is a very good sign of course but the video below is NOT.


The video below explains very good some pretty obvious warning flags for you:

Why You Should/Should Not Join Coinomia?

It is not a wild guess to predict that crypto currencies will be a bigger and bigger part of our economical future, exactly like credit cards became when they first arrived so it might be good to start building up a crypto currency capital in this “unstable economical” time we live in.

However, Coinomia might NOT be the place you turn to for it…

I cannot resist to think about that Norweigan guy who invested around $3 into bitcoins before anyone knew what it was, then when he looked at his investment when everybody started to talk about it it was worth millions of dollars!

Personally this particular investment opportunity exited me alot and I was about to invest at least a couple of hundred dollars into it… Before I saw the video of course…

Instead I will go with Another website and Company that is transparent with EVERYTHING. If you are interested to read about that one you can click here.

If you join or not is up to you but please remember, do NOT invest more than you can afford to loose into any investment opportunity as you never know what will happen tomorow.

Final Words and Verdict On COINOMIA


Overall rating: 4/10

This one exited me at first but now it feels VERY unsecure. Will keep you updated if the “company” will become more transparent in the future… If there is a future for it of course…

It can of course change to a lower rating but also to a higher one of course.

For now I choose to stay on the safe side but will keep you updated for future (possible) changes.

As I said further up, if you are intrested into investing into bitcoins there are other (SAFER) alternatives for you. Click here for the one that exites me the most

As always, keep this in mind:


If you do that then you will be fine.

Other Investment Platforms?

If you ain´t ready to start with crypto currencies there is other alternatives for you that uses “normal” money as an alternative (but also crypto currencies).

The best one we have reviewed on this site (and also one I use myself) is Forex Paradise. It has been around for over 2 years now and offer very good returns on investments.

Click here to read more about FP

I hope you found this review of Coinomia to be helpful and now you have a better understanding on what it is all about. If you have joined it please share your experience with us and also if you got any questions about this review I will be more than happy to answer them below.

I wish you success!


Owner of: Start Make Stop Waste

Sep 16

Someone Tried To Kill My Website – But It is Still Alive!

killLast week I got contacted by the support team from the place where I host my websites.

They contacted me and said that one of my websites (the one you are on now) had a huge ammount of paid traffic comming in from a website that I have never heard of.

Also, I don´t use paid traffic (visitors) on this website, the only ones who find it is people who finds it on google. That is free traffic.

This could end up in my site crasching and that was also the goal by the one who did this to me (or more correct my site).

Anyway, I could not understand why this was happening and then I was told that this is with great possibility someone that I have write a negative review about and made angry.

That makes sense as I write a lot of reviews and I also do it in a very straight forward way.

I do that for you guys so you can avoid scams and unsafe make money online “products” and it can of course piss the scammers off sometimes.

Anyway the problem was taken care of and my site is no longer in trouble…

Am I mad that this happened?


Absolutely NOT!

I am actually flattered to be honest.

Because it means that I make an impact on scammers, I help people that are about to fall for bullshit products online and that is also why scammers try nasty tricks like crashing my site by actually spend money to send huge amounts of traffic to my site!

They are spending money to try to stop me from exposing their shady products. That means that I do things right.

What I try to say here is that whenever you are doing good in something (any area of life) people are going to try to take shots at you. This is a well known fact and happens to everyone sooner or later.

So, please do not be angry, sad or scared when people are trying to take shots at you or “hating” on you.

It only means you are doing something good!

Am going to continue to expose bullshit products and scams for you guys this has actually made me more commited than I was before.

So thank you who ever you was who tried to crash my site, you have actually made me even stronger and more commited than I was before with your bullying attempt 😉

I wish you the best!


Owner of: Start Make Stop Waste

Sep 16

What is Passive Wealth Booster – A Scam Warning!

Today we take a look at Passive Wealth Booster. What is Passive Wealth Booster? A Scam program or a legit opportunity? Something for you or not? Can you really make money over and over again in eternity from this stuff? Absolutely NOT! I tell you why in this short review. Ok, let´s go!is passive wealth booster a scam

Product: Passive Wealth Booster

Website: www.passivewealthbooster.com

Owner: Alex Robinson and Daniel Edwin

Price: $5 (to be able to buy cycle entries)

Who is it for: Not recommended for anyone!

What is Passive Wealth Booster about?

This is simply just another one of those “cycler” program that puts you in a “matrix” and turn your initial deposits into bigger money over and over again.

This is nothing new and this kind of “programs” just keeps “popping up” and DISAPEAR over and over again online. The reason for this is that people keep falling for it, nobody wants to put in effort to get results, everybody want´s the shortcut… Unfortunatly there is not many shortcuts to make money online… At least not in a safe and solid way.

If you are tired of falling for short term shortcuts you might want to check out an internet marketing training platform instead.

How Does It Work? Forever Or Not?

Plain and simle, the way you will make money is by the “new money” coming into the program from new members joining and depositing money into the cycle.

That means if no more people join and put money into the program then NOBODY will get paid and the program will crash. PERIOD.

That is why I hate when this kind of programs comes out like something “safe” and something that will work “over and over again” for “eternity” as it is absolutely bullshit.

The screenshot below is an example of claims like that (in my opinion)

what is passive wealth booster

They never last forever, in fact they rarly survive more than 2-3 months in most cases.

Is Passive Wealth Booster A Scam?

Many people would call this kinf of program as a scam all the way and I am almost ready to agree with them.

However, it can absolutely make you some money. At least for as long as the program exists.

Got a feeling it won´t be for that long but you never know…

Why You Should/Should Not Try Passive Wealth Booster

I can actually don´t see any reason why you should jump on the Passive Wealth Booster program other than if you like taking risks and got some money to put.

On the other hand there are probably much better options for you, places that has been around for more time and worked without problems for a significant amount of time.

The best one I have came across (and also one I use myself) is this one.

Final Words and Verdict on Passive Wealth Booster

Verdict: NOT recommended!

Overall rating: 3/10

I think I have made my point very clear on this one.

The only reason I don´t give it a 0/10 is because you can probably make some money from this for a short while.

But… Please be warned, got a very strong feeling that this program will disapear faster than it came.

I suggest you stay far away from Passive Wealth Booster and any other program like it, that uses “Matrixes” and “Cycles” as they tend to disapear fast and leave people with empty pockets.

It is of course, like always up to you.

If you cannot resist to try then I really hope you ain´t gonna put more money than you can afford to lose.

Do You Want To Learn How To Make Money Safe And Solid Instead?

There is no magic reciep here, you simply have to learn some things if you want to create a so called passive income online. It ain´t rocket science either, it is actually a very simple proccess once you have learned it.

But it takes some time and effort before you will learn, if you are ready to do that I suggest you check out the review of a training platform that has been the leading one in the business since 2005.

Click here to read about that one!

I hope you found this short review of Passive Wealth Booster to be helpful and now you should have a better understanding about what it is and if it is something for you or not. If you have tried it please share your experience with us in the comment section, it can help others to make the right decision. Also, if you got any other questons about this review I will be more than happy to answer them.

I wish you the best!


Owner of: Start Make Stop Waste

Sep 16

What is AdzBazar – A Scam Site Or A Legit One For You?

Todays review is about AdzBazar. What is AdzBazar? A scam or a legit opportunity? Something for you or not? Can you make a lot of money with it? These are the main questions this short review will focus on. Sounds good? Ok, here we go!

Product: AdzBazaris adzbazar a scam

Website: www.adzbazar.com

Owner: ?

Price: Free to join

Who is it for: People looking to make a small extra income online.

What is AdzBazar about?

AdzBazar is just another one (of hundreds) of those PTC (paid to click) websites where you can click on ads and get paid for it. That is basically what it is.

How Does It Work?

It works the same as all the other sites in the PTC category. You register and then you start clicking on the daily ads you get.

Can You Only Make Money By Clicking Ads?

No, you can also (if you are lucky) win some cash by clicking the clixgrid. However, that involves clicking on ads to (that you don´t get paid for unless you click the one with a price). The “clixgrid feature” is one that almost all PTC sites have.

You can also make more money by simply reqruit other people to AdzBazar and that is also a feature that all PTC sites have. That is also the way that you will make most money by doing IF you can get A LOT of new people (that work) to the website of course.

Is AdzBazar A Scam?

So, is AdzBazar a scam or legit? You should know that there are many PTC sites online. Many of them ain´t very trustful though but there are also legit ones.

Things to look at when you try to find a good one is (first of all) if they got PayPal as a way to pay you your earnings. If they got that that probably also mean that they are legit as PayPal don´t work with companies that aren´t serious.

However, even if they don´t got PayPal as a payment option doesn´t have to mean that they are a scam… Does AdzBazar got PayPal as an option for you to get paid then?

what is adzbazar

No they don´t… They only got the payment processors above…

So, is AdzBazar a scam? Not sure but I would not recommend it.

How Much Money? (and a better alternative)

Let´s be honest here, if you are looking for a way to make a lot of money online clicking on ads is just gonna bring in a small extra income. AdzBazar don´t got any surveys to take and any other offers so I have a hard time see how you are gonna be able to make more than max $10 a month by doing this.

If you like the idea of clicking on ads I would rather recommend you to have a look at the well known and established ClixSence instead where you also can take surveys and doing other things.

That way you will be able to make a lot more than with AdzBazar.

We are talking small money here, at least if you aint reqruiting thousands of people to the program.

Final Words and Verdict

Verdict: Not Recommended

Overall rating: 2/10

The reason I don´t recommend AdzBazar is just like I mentioned above, the earning potential is VERY low and also they ain´t got PayPal as an alternative for it´s members to get paid.

There are more trustful PTC sites available so if PTC is something for you I would recommend you to have a look at those instead.

Keep in mind that you won´t be able to make a lot of money on any of them unless you learn (or know how) to reqruit a lot of people to them.

Ok, that pretty much sums it up on my opinions on AdzBazar.

It is as always up to you…

Want To Make A Full-Time Living Online?

If you want to be able to make a lot of money online then you also need to be prepared to put in both effort and time, there are no shortcuts. Anyone trying to tell you different is full of shit.

There are MANY offers online that telling you different but they are ALWAYS scams and it can be hard to think that there is actually a way. Don´t make that misstake because there is absolutely possible.

First you need to learn though, that takes time. I got some legit programs that can teach you this listed on this site, they offer free trials and step-by-step training on how to do. The absolute best one I can recommend for you though is the Wealthy Affiliate University. There you will get 24/7 support, 2 free websites, all the tools you need, step-by-step video courses and a lot more.

It is also absolutely free for as long as you want. If you are interested click the link below to read the review about it.

Click here to read about it

I hope you found this short review about AdzBazar to be helpful and now you know what it is about. If you have tried it yourself please tell us about your experience. It can help others to make the right decision for them. Also, if you got any other questions about this review I will be more than happy to answer them below.

I wish you success!


Owner of: StartMakeStopWaste.Com

Sep 16

Make Money With No Money – Yes You Absolutely Can!

money making tips onlineYou have probably heard it over and over again in your life “You Cannot Make Money With No Money”. Nothing is more wrong, that is just a good old myth. In this post we will discuss a little why that is bullshit and also why you shouldn´t even try to spend a lot of money in an attempt to make a lot.

You will also get some alternatives to get started and even make money without having to spend a single dime.

Make Money With No Money – It Only Takes Effort

money small mindMost people got small minds, and small minds don´t see the bigger picture. Don´t worry if you feel you are in that category because you can change, if you want to.

I know this because I once thought that it took money to make money, I was wrong because nowadays I actually make a so called passive income online, I created that with pretty much no money at all.

Ok I did spend exactly $47 a month on education and training in the subject but that´s it. If you are interested in learning the same as I did I come to that further down.

If you cannot afford that then you are really broke and should REALLY consider getting an extra job… Witch leads to this…

MakE money online without ANY MONEY AT ALL

Ok, let´s be honest making money without any money at all is absolutely possible and also known as getting a “normal” 9-5 job.

That is NOT what I want to talk about, you are make money with no moneyonline right now (if you are reading this) and online is also the place I will recommend for you.

How can you make money without having to spend a single dollar then?

There is actually more ways than you think to do this. Below I will list my 2 absolute best alternatives:


This is a great site! To be honest I have never sold any service there but I have bought A LOT of services there.

What you can buy?

Whatever people sell there! You can either buy or sell services there, or you can do both also if you want of course.

Whatever talent you got, even if you aren´t the best in the world you can absolutely make good money on fiverr.

If you look a little on the site you will find everything from people selling: writing services, design services, ballon dancing services (or some other bizarre thing). You name it fiverr got it, if they don´t got it you might be the one who provides it 😉

Read more about Fiverr here and how to succeed


This is another very good site if you need to make some money without having to spend any money at all.

At Clixsence you will get paid for doing very simple tasks as clicking on ads, answering quesions, looking at short videos, listening to music and completing other simple tasks. You can even get paid for trying out online games!

What normally pays best there though is taking surveys and there is very often new surveys available so you do right about checking in on Clixsense every day to be updated on new ones as there are comining in regulary.

Read more about Clixsence here

This won´t replace your daily job, but it can absolutely bring in an extra side income for you each month. I am not gonna say it is impossible to replace a normal job with ClixSence but it will at least be very hard… That leads us to…

How To Make A Lot Of Money With Very Little Money

There are some different methods to do this.

For example a very simple and classic business model that always has worked and always will: You buy something cheaper than you sell it

If you start small you then reinvest your earnings and do the same procedure again and again until your capital isn´t small anymore… That is one very simple business modell.

-But it will take time! If I had money I could invest bigger and make bigger money! (in a stupid voice)

Yes it will maybe take loonger time (will go faster depending on how much effort you put in) but think about it this way.

If you cannot double $100 to $200 do you really think you should try to doubble $10,000 to $20,000??

Do you think that is a good idea?

It is not! Start making small mistakes instead of jumping on something big and make a BIG MISTAKE (VERY EXPENSIVE MISSTAKE)

However, no matter if you start big or small it will take effort to double, triple or quadruple your money but there is only one way to succeed.

It it takes is EFFORT!

The Method You Absolutely Should Try

best job and investment in the worldThe method I used to make a passive income online that made me quit my job (with about 2 hours of work per day for only 8 months) was not the classic “buy something cheaper than selling it for”.

The method I invested $47 per month on was to learn how to build websites (without any coding involved), websites that I did around ANY interest I wanted. Yes, you heard right, you decide about what your website is going to be about.

Then, you will learn how to make money from that (or those) websites. You will create your own business with basically no start up costs at all

It is actually a very simple process but it WILL take both time and effort to learn.

To be honest I didn´t make a single dollar my first 4 months of doing it and many times I questioned if it actually ever was going to happen but I keept going and refused to listen to that voice in my head. Instead I listened to the tiny one that told me to keep going.

I probably would never have tried it at all if it wasn´t because of the fact that it was absolutely free to get started and even try it for as long as I wanted. The reason I decided to invest $47 per month was because I pretty fast understood that it was a huge potential online and I decided to become serious about it.

You can try it for as long as you want for free also, anytime you are ready you can upgrade and invest the $47 into a premium account. But i is absolutely not needed, you can make Money even without upgrading.

Are you interested to read more about the training platform I talk about and even try it you can check it out by clicking the link below:

Click here to read more!

I hope you found this post on how to make money with no money to be helpful and now you should know that it is absolutely possible. IF you are ready to put in the effort needed of course.

please leave a comment below and or if you got any questions I will be more than happy to answer them.

I wish you success!


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Sep 16

What is The Four Percent Group – A Scam From a Scam Artist?

Today we take a look at the four percent group. What is the four percent group? A scam or a legit opportunity? This review is made because many of my readers have asked for it. Actually I think it is an important one to do, especially due to the past (as a scammer) of the owner of four percent group… Ok here we go! is the four percent group a scam

Product: The Four Percent Group

Website: www.thefourpercentgroup.com

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Price: $49 per month

Who is it for: People who want to make money online

What is the Four Percent Group about?

Do you want to take your online business to the next level? Are you experienced or a beginner? No matter what this program is the best you can buy. You will make more money in 14 days than you have ever done with any other program. You will get a personal coach calling you (maybe with some upsells?) and helping you to make first thousands of dollars a month, then tens of thousands of dollars a month and then hundreds of thousands of dollars a month… bla bla bla

You have heard this story before, right? Me to! Way to many times…


How Does It Work?

You will get training in the form of videos, you will get a personal coaches calling you on your phone (upsell warning!!) to give you advice and guide you in the right direction… Pre-made ready to use sales funnels plus other tools for running an online business…

What Do You Get (The Tools)

The Membership Includes:

  • 50% Commission
  • Access To The Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Client For Life Coaches
  • Tools & Resources

Hmm, I wonder if they provide you with the REAL foundation of an online business?? What that is? Your own website is the foundation.

Who is The Owner?? Important To Mention!

This guy Vick seems like a very nice guy when you hear him speak, and man! He can really speak and convince people.

what is the four percent group

However, he has been involved in many scams before and has even been in prison for thing he has done with his online businesses.

Some things that you might want to check up before trusting him with you money… (Read below).


Besides all the scams he has been in charge of the thing that is most alarming (in my opinion) is that affiliate links (from members of his past programs) has been switched and generated income for the “leaders” of the program, instead of the paying members that has driven the traffic and made the sale…

Do you think that sounds fair?? I know you don´t think that, me neither

Is 4 Percent Group A Scam?

My last review about a program that Vick was in charge of (has turned into a scam now) is Project Breakthrough. You can read that review on this blog and also see some of his past history as a scammer… and a convict… Click here to see it.

So, is 4 percent group a scam? Not sure but it surely has a lot of red flags.

Only because a marketer has made 7 figures doesn´t mean he (or she) isn´t gonna scam you. For example, did you know that the absolute bestsellers of “make money online programs/products are scams?

Why is that? Well, it has probably to do with the fact that they very often are promoted as get rich quick schemes that you only need to buy to get rich overnight. Unfortunatly people are always looking for shortcuts and the easy road instead of learning the basics.

Why You Should/Should Not Try 4 PercentGroup

The truth about having an online business is hat you need to learn at least some of the aspects of internet marketing. First thing is first though, the foundation is to have your own website.

When you know the basics the rest will come VERY easy for you to learn, that is why it probably ain´t a good idea to jump on super expensive programs (especially not for beginners). Programs that claims to give fast results and so on almost never provide you with the basics… Also, they are in pretty much all cases scams or complete rippoffs.

Final Words and Verdict on 4 Perent Group


Overall rating: 2/10

It might be the case that Vick now are actually doing a legit program, maybe hes consious once in for all has got to him. I don´t know, I hope so…

The price is actually not that high, especially if you compare to his former programs that costed tens of thousands of dollars… They did cost that much because they was gonna make you rich in no time… They turned out to be scams instead… So now a program that is a lot cheaper?? What´s going on?

Could a cheaper program actually be better than a super expensive one?


Should you trust Vick this time when he has ripped off people so many times in the past?


Should you jump on this new program to learn how to make business online or should you try one that has been online since 2005 and is the leading one in the bussiness?

THAT IS UP TOU YOU of course…

But… I know what I would do if I was you… I would pick the established and trustable option instead (that also is free to join for as long as you want).

Click here to read about that one instead!

I hope you found this short Review of the our pcent Group to be helpful an nowyou have a better understading abot what it is. If you hav tied it please share your exence with us below, it can help others to make the right decision. Also, if you got any other questions about this Review (or just something to add) I will be me than happy to answer them below.

I wish you success!


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